Digitization for Property Management

All-in-one system development and mobile app solution with workflow automation for both resident and property management team

Easy Living
Hotel & Property Management
  • Mobile App Development
  • Workflow Automation
  • UI/UX Design


Easy living is a property management company that helps Hong Kong public and private companies manage their properties. To help streamline both client and resident needs, we worked with them to develop an all-in-one property management mobile app.


Overall, the current property management practices were not streamlined to provide residents with a good user experience. Important notices to residents were posted on a physical bulletin board, which could be easily overlooked. If residents had complaints or concerns, they needed to make a phone call to the management office or go down to the front desk in person. Getting something fixed in their flat also required a lot of effort and planning.

  • Property Management System
  • Real-Time Messaging
  • Workflow Automation
  • E-Signing & Document Generation


Working with various parties and stakeholders, we built an app that streamlined the entire property management process. 

Property management made digital

Residents can easily keep track of and stay updated on the latest updates of their building. No more calling, no more having to remember to look at the bulletin board in the main lobby. The built-in real-time messenger feature opens up a real-time communication channel between residents and the property management team, directly in the mobile app.

Find help for everything in a tap

Residents can find services to fix anything they need, such as home improvement, handyman services etc. Take the stress out of having to ask friends and family for referrals. Get matched with a professional, directly on the platform. 

Admin made easy with workflow automation

Take care of contracts and rentals in a single mobile app. Users can easily manage digital contracts, e-sign and get PDF generation within the mobile app. No more physical paper required. Flat inspection services are also available so customers can ensure a peace of mind before committing to a flat. The mobile app also shows a different interface, depending on if you are a regular user or property management personnel.

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