E-Learning Mobile App For Christian Family Service Centre

Innovative mobile app solution with a comprehensive e-learning system and gamification elements that helped our client attract users and enhance daily operation.

Christian Family Service Centre
Education & E-learning
  • Mobile App Development
  • UI/UX Design


This project is intended to develop a mobile application to promote mental wellness to parents with school aged children through equipping parents with mental health knowledge, providing online short courses and programs on self-care and parental skills, as well as relevant resources and channels for seeking help.


While the overall goal was to create an online self-learning platform, the biggest challenge was to combine different functionalities such as event registration, reward redemption, online forum, real-time messaging to provide a unified user experience. Apart from the core features, the mobile app must provide extra incentive to the end-users for core app usage, and the data collected will be used to assist users with issues.

  • Membership System
  • E-Learning System
  • Online Forum
  • Event Registration
  • Reward Redemption System


AppicIDEA began the progress by building an innovative member reward system to drive more usage for all features in the mobile app and understanding the existing daily operations such as event registration, counseling services, and training course.The member reward system allows the end-users to earn membership points and redeem the reward later for using every feature of the mobile app such as participating in the forum conversations, conducting mental health self-evaluation, progressing in the e-learning course.The event registration system is designed and built to automate the entire participant registration process with quota control and balloting functions. For the reward redemption system, the end-users can redeem the desired reward in the mobile app with an intuitive user interface and be notified to pick it up by push notifications.

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