Integrated E-Commerce App for Yan Yue Tong

Intuitive mobile app solution with an innovative loyalty program and comprehensive e-commerce functionalities that helped our client boost efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Yan Yue Tong
Retail & E-commerce
  • Mobile App Development
  • System Integration
  • UI/UX Design


Yan Yue Tong is one of the leading ginseng and dried seafood chain stores in Hong Kong, with more than 18 retail shops. To stay ahead of competitors and constantly innovate, Yan Yue Tong has invested in bringing together digital and physical channels with an innovative membership mobile application.


Yan Yue Tong had been using an existing point of sale (POS) solution for all its retail shops accumulating a tremendous amount of data for its offline retail business and providing a robust offline purchasing experience.

To combine the existing offline buying experience and the mobile shopping experience, Yan Yue Tong worked with AppicIDEA to create a mobile app solution with an innovative loyalty program and comprehensive e-commerce functionalities while maintaining its current robust workflows and dataset.

  • Member loyalty system
  • e-Commerce system
  • Reward redemption
  • System Integration


We began the development process by studying the existing POS system and offline sales channel to determine how to build a modern online shopping experience for customers while further enriching the offline sales channel and overall customer experience.

To drive incremental revenue growth and improve the current customer experience, we built a comprehensive loyalty system that combined the member's offline and online shopping experiences. All of the membership point earning and reward redemption options can now be processed either online in the mobile app by members or offline via the current POS system by staff. The current POS is integrated into the system and a personal membership centre user interface has been built into the mobile app so all the membership points and transactions synchronise automatically, minimising human error and workload. As a result, members can scan the QR code on their digital membership card to earn points during an offline transaction and redeem the reward anytime via the mobile app.

We have also integrated modern online payment gateways into the Yan Yue Tong mobile app, including Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayMe by HSBC for optimal customer convenience.

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